Branding is…

A thought or idea that represents, en masse, a feeling, belief and statement about a product, service or company. Over time, the brand becomes an essence that becomes established through repeated positive engagements.

Brand vs logo

Both responsive and adaptive design optimize the user experience across different devices, adjusting for different viewport sizes, resolutions, usage contexts, control mechanisms, and so on. But there are important differences:


Your brand is what you are and stand for, encompassing everything about your company and product(s), and if successfully created, evokes a positive experience or feeling for your clients and prospective customers.


Your logo symbolizes your brand and represents it through a positive, memorable image. Whether via a distinctive shape (Nike), font (FedEx), or color (Starbucks), your logo should be simple and elegant.


A good illustration of the progression of a brand mark is Starbucks:

  • 1971 it was brown, contained an ornate illustration of a mermaid, the company name, and 3 different products.
  • 1987 saw the mermaid simplified, the iconic green color replacing the brown, removal of the 3 products, and a simplification of the name to ‘Starbucks Coffee.’
  • 1992 it was updated by simply enlarging and cropping the mermaid to the inner circle.
  • 2011 after 40 years the logo was updated by removing the name ‘Starbucks Coffee.’ This smart move was made because the green mermaid had become so iconic and immediately recognizable worldwide, that it no longer required the name, regardless of the country in which it was used.

Brand stewardship

A Brand Steward is responsible for managing brand compliance within and outside of an organization. This extends from product development through to brand identity.

 This can be a daunting task, but the creation and publication of brand guidelines (both online and offline/PDF), consistency can be achieved.

Below are a few brands we’ve created